by Ava, a former foster youth and human trafficking survivor

No-one’s Child
When I took my first breath there was no air.
When I took my first steps there was no-one to cheer or proudly take
a photo.
When I said my first word no-one heard it.
When I had my first bad dream no-one picked me up to soothe me
When I first bruised my knees in the playground there was no-one
there to wipe my tears
On my first day of school, no-one was proud
The first time I got picked on, no-one stood up for me
First time I got pushed, no-one cared
First time my heart broke, no-one was there!
First job I got, no-one said well done
First suicide attempt, no-one by my bed when my eyes opened,
First sign of trouble, no-one wanted to know me …
First time I cried for help ,no-one would have listened, why?
I am no-one’s child?

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