Song of Songs 7:10

I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.

17 ways you can help bring beloveds home, forever.


If you are or ever have been a vulnerable youth, create art or writing to be featured on Bring Beloved’s billboards and social media.

By submitting art, writing, photography, speaking, or other means of creation you have the opportunity to bring attention to your story, allow your voice to be heard, and raise awareness for others who may be in the same situation as you. You never know how powerfully your story could impact others until you tell it.

Send art to:

By submitting art, you agree to the terms and conditions that your art and writing becomes property of Bring Beloved and may be used and altered by Bring Beloved.

Donate a Billboard

We aspire that youth’s messages are seen everywhere.

We are so thankful for the companies that have partnered with us thus far to spread the message of beloved foster youth waiting for forever homes. Any sized billboard for any amount of time could help bring a beloved home, forever. If you’d like to donate an out of home advertisement or billboard please fill out the form below. We are eternally grateful!

Forever Homes

Inquiry for children waiting for forever homes in your state.

There are over 100,000 children waiting to be adopted in America. Through America’s Kids Belong website, you can meet kids waiting to be adopted via videos. 

Make a Dream

Become a dream maker for a former foster youth or youth soon to age out of foster care. 

The Dream Makers Project draws a community around youth who have no family to help them navigate the financial challenges of young adulthood like renting an apartment, getting their first car, clothes for a new job, or locating a reasonably priced laptop for school.

Once a young person has a basic need met through Dream Makers, they are empowered to dream about their future careers and other steps of independence through our program.

When you become a Dream Maker, you have the opportunity to let one of these youths know that someone cares for them and that they are not alone. Your generosity can give them the confidence they need to step into their future.

Be a Neighbor

Apply to be a Neighbor or request a Neighbor with Families Together

You are not in this alone. Families Together equips and matches volunteer Neighbors to provide monthly meals, grocery deliveries, and more to isolated families who need friendly support. Below, you can apply to be a neighbor or be a recipient. 


Become a donor!

Financially support vulnerable youth and inspire more families to get involved in foster care and adoption. Any amount makes a huge difference!



Apply to The Brave Leadership Academy

The highest form of helping others is showing others how they can be helpful to others and themselves.

We seek to empower former foster youth, current foster youth, human trafficking survivors and other vulnerable young women through an intensive track towards leadership and growth. The aim of the academy is to give young women the opportunity to grow as leaders in their local communities as well as learn skills such as public speaking, event planning, advocacy, and collaboration.

We aim to foster character development in the areas of confidence, leadership, listening, perseverance, organization, and increase a sense of dignity and self. You can apply to the academy here.

For more information contact:

Mentor a Youth

Mentor a vulnerable youth

“I want to mentor a vulnerable youth, but I do not know any.”

“How do I start?”

Mentorship is simply the building of trusting and loving relationships. Bring Beloved has partnered with the Brave Leadership Academy, where vulnerable young women, are matched with a mentor that helps them with assignments and serves them as a friend and leader throughout the program. If you are interested in being a mentor to a young woman, email

For those who wish to be a mentor outside of the Brave Leadership Academy, you are encouraged to seek out opportunities through your community. Organizations such as Youth for Christ, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the YMCA have mentorship programs. Most programs will require a background check, fingerprints, and an extensive interview.

Share our social media campaigns and billboards!

Run, swim, bike, or walk 10.5 miles in one week to raise awareness about how we can bring every beloved home, forever.

Be sure to share your 17k journey of moving by tagging @bring.beloved on Instagram and using the hashtag #bringbeloved to raise awareness about how we can bring an end to children not being in families.

Some ideas of how you can raise awareness about foster care and adoption through exercise:

  • Share a video on social media about why you are running, swimming, biking, or walking 10.5 miles in one week
  • Write your awareness anthem on the soles of your shoes and post a picture on social media to inspire others. Some ideas of what you can write are “Bring Beloved,” “Foster Care,” or “Adopt Them.”
  • Buy our merchandise and wear it while you run, bike, or walk!


Know the Facts

Be educated and seek to educate others!

  • Kids who “age out” of foster care — about 20,000 each year — often don’t have the support they need to launch into adulthood.
  • There are 107,918 foster children eligible for and waiting to be adopted in the foster care system.
  • Over 20,000 moms a year will make an adoption plan rather than aborting their baby


Make a report of an abused, neglected, or abandoned child.

If a child is in imminent danger or a life threatening emergency dial  9-1-1

Otherwise, report abuse, neglect, and abandoned children by calling ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313. It is a toll free hotline, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive reports of suspected child abuse.


Buy the merchandise

Purchase our merchandise and wear your conversation piece!

Sometimes the best way to start a conversation is to wear the words loud and proud. You can also post your apparel on social media and tag @bring.beloved! All merchandise proceeds go to helping youth in foster care!


Fundraise for your Birthday

Make Bring Beloved your Birthday Fundraiser


  1. Go to your Facebook account (or create one here!
  2. Go to your ‘home’ page, and look on the left side column. You should see the ‘fundraiser’ option under “Create” at the bottom. Click on “fundraiser” and Facebook will walk you through.
  3. Pick Bring Beloved as your charity.
  4. Set your fundraising goal and time-frame. We’ve seen many successful fundraisers at $200 or even $500 or more! Set something that you feel good about and see where it goes! 
  5. Invite people on your friends’ list and engage with them! This is key.  Invite, invite, invite!  Share often on your timeline: remember that not everyone will see something when you post just once. While some people may be hesitant to invite people on their friends list, remember you’re giving them an opportunity to participate in something large and global. 
  6. Thank people as they donate and know that we thank YOU!


Gift a foster family a care package through Fostering Love Co.

Bring Beloved has partnered with Fostering Love Co., a small business founded and run by a passionate foster mom.

Foster families need support people to rally around them. Giving goodies and writing encouraging letters to foster parents and foster youth is a beautiful way to establish a relationship with families. Once a relationship is established it is easy to offer the longterm support foster families need and often lack.



Write a letter to encourage a foster youth. 

Bring Beloved has partnered with Children’s Lantern, a nonprofit who provides therapeutic, weighted blankets, clothes, toiletries, and other necessities to foster youth and vulnerable youth. We know that words have power and can change lives! So with every package handed out we aim to provide a foster youth with a handwritten letter of life-speaking truth and encouragement.

If you would like to write a letter to a foster youth please address and send your letter to:

Children’s Lantern: Foster Youth Letter
312 Clinton St. Suite B
Defiance, OH 43512

No words are wasted. Write life for the love of a foster youth.


Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children.

Court appointed special advocates are the one person in a child’s caseload whose sole requirement is to advocate for what is in the best interest of the child. It is crucial that every child has a CASA throughout their case! The role of a CASA is irreplaceable and undeniably influential in the life of a vulnerable youth.

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